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Monday, January 1, 2007


NOCBAC is a newly formed bicycle advocacy organization that seeks to promote a safe, enjoyable and convenient environment for bicycling in north Orange County. Our primary approach to achieving this goal is through making government agencies aware of the needs of bicyclists and of opportunities to make their communities bicycle friendly. In order to achieve this goal, we support projects that integrate cycling in local and regional transportation strategies, bicycle events and educational efforts. As we grow and evolve so too will our list of activities and accomplishments.
We are now comprised of a steering committee that meets monthly at Banning’s Bikes in Fullerton and an e-mail list of individuals who want to remain informed of advocacy activities and participate when needed. If you wish to join our e-mail list or participate in the steering committee. Please provide us with your name and e-mail address. MIKE@NOCBAC.ORG


F Thomas said...

It would be great to provide a sign up form and email thread to announce news and other important information regarding NOCBAC activities and programs.

I for one have recently contacted the Santa Ana Police Department regarding safety on the Santa Ana River Trail at night for a commute home from work at 6:00pm. Their advice - Take the surface streets it is too dangerous on the SART, at least through their city.

So, please provide a means of joining the organization and it's activities. I for one would like to volunteer.

F Thomas

North Orange County Bicycle Advocacy Coalition said...

We would love you to get involved. Please send you contact info to MIKE@NOCBAC.ORG
We will be posting our upcomming meetings on this site so stay tuned.
Thanks looking forward to hearing from you.

Kiril, The Cycling Dude said...

Welcome to the neighborhood!

With a blog, and group, like yours I no longer feel alone in North OC, after all these years! ;-D

ANY ONE CAN POST HERE If you would like to ad a topic please email me an edited version and I will post it. Thanks MIKE@NOCBAC.ORG