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Sunday, February 3, 2008

St. Louis Cyclists Fight Back

I Found this on Cycling Dudes blog and had to repost it.

David Fiedler, of David's Bicycling Blog, at, has spread the word of a great story out of St. Louis.

Cyclists in that city have stood up and said they have had enough.

Tired of being struck by hit-and-run drivers -- the latest being a pair of incidents that injured three cyclists recently -- bicyclists in St. Louis have created a reward fund that pays for information to bring the miscreants to justice.

"If each of us put in, say twenty or forty bucks, I bet we would start grabbing people's attention," wrote Patrick Van de Turin, the guy who got the ball rolling on a local bicycling message board. "I'll start the pot with $100.00."

As you can well imagins the response was quite interesting.

Within a day, the fund had reached over $1,000. Then the Politicians got wise, heh, heh!

The mayor pledged an additional $500.

THEN the local media smelled a story.

Newspapers and TV Stations added to the pot and the fund -- now officially administered by the St. Louis Regional Bike Federation -- continues to grow.

Like David, I wonder wether it's enough "to capture the dirtbag that clipped two cyclists, running them off the road with his truck and horse trailer, or to nail the one who struck a cyclist and then drove off, leaving him lying broken in a downtown intersection".

Information about the Hit and Run Justice Fund - a Press Release (PDF) from the St. Louis Bicycle Federation.

Donate to the Hit and Run Justice Fund online, or you can send the donation to the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation, Hit and Run Justice Fund, P.O. Box 23086, St. Louis, MO 63156.

A Tip of the Hat to David for this story.

Roger Kramer, Belleville, Ill. (And St. Louis, Mo., too, since it's only 20 mi. down the Bike Lane!) Premier BikeBlogger, has been on the story as well:

Anti-cyclist rant on St. Louis radio station.

Reward offered in hit-and-run accidents that injure cyclists.

Tracking bike problems in St. Louis.

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