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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fullerton "Loop" Users news

The City of Fullerton's Department of Parks and Recreation is actively seeking ways to mitigate potential conflicts between different users of the Fullerton Loop. There are plans to investigate and implement solutions which will allow hikers, equestrians and cyclists to continue using the trails as they have evolved, while allowing equestrians and hikers to travel without having to compete with cyclists for the same patch of trail. The emphasis appears to be on the concept of “multi-use” with all users having equal access to their favorite features of the trail.

If you have the least interest in cycling or other issues in and around the Fullerton area, it would be beneficial for all of us to attend as many events as practical which address subjects concerning the Fullerton Loop and cycling and walking in the North Orange County area.

The City of Fullerton is currently updating the General Plan for the direction of the city’s future and is actively listening to and observing the citizens who are participating and speaking up about the issues they care about.

Now is the time to stay visible and insist that Fullerton take the lead in pursuing and encouraging healthy and beneficial activities such as cycling, hiking and horseback riding.

Happy Trails

Bill B.

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