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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fullerton Street Paving Practices

Many, if not all, of Fullerton's streets are shared between motor vehicles and bicycles. Yet, the way the city maintains the streets often leaves the cyclist at a disadvantage. It seems to be standard practice to resurface "traffic lanes", leaving the shoulders of the roads in rough condition.

Examples can be found on Rosecrans, between Beach Blvd and Gilbert, on Acacia between Orangethorpe and the south city limits, on Brea Blvd between the north city limits and Rolling Hills, and on Malvern between Gilbert and the west city limits. On Acacia, there is a marked bicycle lane that was left unpaved when the "traffic lane" was resurfaced.

When the shoulders of streets are in rough condition, bicyclists are encouraged to ride further to the left, where the pavement is smoother. This may increase the danger of a bicycle / motor vehicle collision. Fullerton should resurface the entire width of a street when it needs attention, not just the portion of the roadway on which motor vehicles travel.

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